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As the old proverb affirms, one picture says more worth a thousand words. But sometimes a few words of expert advice can quickly clarify the picture. you have any questions or would like support in choosing your personal style, please feel free to contact our team by phone.

We are here to answer your questions – with expertise and enthusiasm.

Phone: +49 (0)2233-808 688 0
Mondays through Thursdays – 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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Would you like to visit us? We would be delighted to schedule an appointment. Simply phone us under +49 (0) 2233/79350. We look forward to welcoming you to the new showroom in our company’s headquarters at Beerstrasse 9 in Hürth.



If you would like to have a competent advisor by your side when you select your personal unique textile items, we invite you to take advantage of our exclusive LUIZ concierge service.

You can rely on the expertise of our in-house furnishing consultant, who will create individual proposals for your interior, including comprehensive information about all materials and products.

Unique service for an incomparable ambience.

Size Guide

“decode by luiz” sets standards – not only qualitatively, but also centimetre by centimetre Ten pillowcase and six duvet cover formats can be adaptably tailored and freely combined with one another to grant your wishes and suit your sleeping habits. Made to measure – so you needn’t conform to standards, but can relax from head to toe.








Blanket covers








“decode by luiz” products are selected with attention to detail and manufactured in the highest quality. Please follow the care instructions so you can enjoy your bed linen and feel comfortable in it for as long as possible:

Care products:

We recommend that “decode by luiz” linen should be cleaned with liquid colour detergent because it contains no optical brighteners and accordingly assures that the linen retains its colour intensity. Please do not use any additional care products such as fabric softeners, bleaching agents or chlorine-based products. These can negatively affect the quality of your textiles.


We recommend Persil Universal Gel for white laundry and Persil Color Gel to keep colours bright.


As a general rule, the colder you wash, the gentler on the fabric and the environment. White laundry should not be washed above 60° C, coloured laundry at a maximum of 40° C. Choose a gentle wash programme with about 800 to 1,000 spin cycles.


Select the “iron damp” dryer setting and avoid high temperatures. Do not machine dry your laundry longer than necessary. The best way to dry your laundry is to hang it up on a line so it can dry in fresh air.


Always iron your laundry when it is still slightly damp. Appliqués, embroidery and button facing should be ironed from the underside, if possible. Use a good steam iron and select the “3 points” temperature level for cotton. Industrialized pressing should be avoided due to its excessive heat.


Please note that “decode by luiz” bed linen shrinks by up to 5% the first time you wash it. This shrinkage is taken into account during production so your linen will acquire its final size only after the first wash.

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