The Luiz Family


Ever since the founding of our family business in Cologne, generations of the LUIZ family have dedicated themselves with every fibre of their hearts and souls to the finest natural materials, traditional handicrafts and superior manufactured products. Tailored to complement the feeling for life in every era.


Years of specialization in our field of expertise have resulted in a treasured cooperative project inspired by the finest textiles. Together with small, specialized weaving mills and our loyal employees, who have mastered rare craft techniques, our creative alliance creates unique items for you.


Anna and Barbara LUIZ picked up their family’s thread in 2004 and have been spinning it in a contemporary way ever since. The LUIZ sisters interweave tradition and creativity, freshness and individuality, exclusivity and nonchalance to create collections full of expertise and inspiration: LUIZ, decode by LUIZ and LUIZ Beds.

Made in Germany

Individuality, attention to detail and quality “made in Germany” are our benchmark. Our exclusive home textiles have been produced in Cologne since the founding of the LUIZ family manufacture in 1969, and in our company’s new building at our traditional location in Hürth since 2020. We and our skilful team will be happen to make all your wishes come true: flexibly, promptly and reliably. Whatever you would like from LUIZ, simply contact us. We always have an open ear and an optimal solution.

Take the time – to create something unique and to enjoy

A warm cashmere blanket to wrap around you, a feather-light comforter to snuggle under, fine linen bed linen to gently caress your skin: luxurious textiles are pure cosiness. Giving you this incomparable feeling is the goal to which our family dedicates itself every day – with personal commitment, unflagging attention, appreciation and all the time it takes to create a unique textile that you will never want to do without.



Our “decode by LUIZ” collection of bed linen was born in 2003 from the desire to augment our custom-made “Haute Couture” by LUIZ by creating a “prêt-à-porter” line for everything related to sleeping and lounging in bed. We offer a wide range of variations, but choosing among them is not at all complicated. Put a crowning touch on your night. A few simple clicks are all it takes to combine and order your favourite items.


styles in up to twelve different sizes and sixteen colour combinations: “decode by LUIZ” combines them to create a versatile selection of bed linen. An extra-large case to go with a small pillow? Smooth as satin or casual as linen? A standing hem or a contrasting embroidered stripe? Give free rein to your imagination and emotions as you configure your personal highlights for day and night.


fine accessories appropriately round out our range of bed linen, but they are also attractive eye-catchers in on their own. Cushions and blankets made of wool, cotton and viscose, woven, knitted or waffled, accompany you on your sofa, in your garden or on journeys. Each piece gives you the comforting, warm assurance of always feeling right at home, wherever you are.

Permutations of Individuality

You can count on the diversity of “decode by LUIZ”: fourteen styles multiplied by two sizes multiplied by sixteen colour settings yield in a five-digit cornucopia of possibilities. These also include unicolour designs with a fine sheen, matte casualness or a relaxed vintage look. Coloured contrasts create appealing accents as delicate zigzags, Bordon embroideries or striped passe-partouts. Linen, satin, percale and jersey grant every wish from warm comfort to silky coolness. No matter which factors you combine, they always add up to a personal and perfect whole.

Combine with enthusiasm in the mix & match of possibilities

You can casually set new standards with our “decode by LUIZ” bed linen because its dimensions and tailoring harmonize with your stature, your living situation and your sleeping habits. Are a solo sleeper on a comfortable 155 x 220 cm long mattress? Do you sleep beside your partner under a blanket measuring a generous 240 x 220 cm? Or do you need a blanket in the special size of 65 x 100 cm to go with your favourite ergonomic pillow? Twelve standard sizes and numerous special sizes are guaranteed to keep you cosy and comfy.


exclusive LUIZ fabrics in 850 finely nuanced colour combinations conjure an extraordinary cosmos of sensory impressions: caressingly soft cashmere, the finest linen, glove-soft leather and other luxurious materials create an atmosphere of fascination and wellbeing. Simply trust your eyes and your fingertips.


virtuosic seamstresses in our atelier expertly practice crafts that have become rare nowadays. The harmonious interplay between traditional handicrafts and modern processing techniques creates unique items, specially made according to your wishes and delivered promptly – also pre-washed and manually ironed, if desired.


hours and about 7,000 stitches are needed to sew our luxurious bedspreads of glove-soft suede. Each spread is handcrafted box-by-box and filled with the finest down. We invest every minute of this process with pleasure to create unique pieces with an incomparable look and feel that will enchant you for a lifetime.

The first class of nature

We use the finest fabrics woven by small European weaving mills to produce our unique pieces for your home. Working by hand, with expertise and the utmost care, we create a luxurious selection whose look, feel, comfort and charisma speak for themselves. Favourite pieces for the interior, custom made in sizes, colours and finishes to satisfy your wishes and needs. From the very first touch, you’ll feel that this is the beginning of a long and sensitive friendship.


Touch it, just as our seamstresses do. Your fingertips will give you the unmistakable feeling for the exceptional quality of our materials: for “Masters of Linen” – certified linen from specialized Belgian manufacturers – as well as for fine-threaded luxury textiles from the Italian cashmere region of Biella, gently tanned and velvety soft suede and many other specialties. We select them for you by hand – piece after gorgeous piece.



years and about four months of our lives: that’s how much time we spend asleep. And that’s ample reason to carefully match your bed to your personally feel-good factors. LUIZ beds are custom-tailored sanctuaries that support your body, pamper your senses and relax your mind. Night after night.


was the year when our LUIZ beds collection celebrated its grand premiere. Today it offers six models in diverse styles ranging from relaxed casualness to elegant opulence, along with numerous options to customize your personal vision of a genuinely dream-come-true night.


fabrics, as well as smooth, suede and nubuck leathers, are available to customize the reclining comfort and textile outfit of your favourite model. Whether you opt for a box spring system or a classic wooden slat frame, your LUIZ bed adapts to make all your wishes come true.


To deeply relax and regenerate at night, you need to feel confident – trusting that your body is perfectly supported while it rests and knowing that selected materials create an ideal climate for sleeping. Our LUIZ beds are manufactured in Germany and uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship. Nothing but technically, ecologically and ergonomically high-quality materials are utilized. Finished with exclusive natural fibres and clad in the finest LUIZ fabrics, the result is a luxurious retreat where you can find optimal rest and tranquillity.

Heaven has given usthree things to balance the odds of life: hope, sleep, and laughter.

A mattress and its slat base belong together like day and night. They cooperate harmoniously to support and relieve the body in precisely the right places, thus assuring ideal regeneration. LUIZ’s elegant selection spares you the agony of choice: rather than confronting you with a perplexing variety of different mattresses, we offer a representative selection of four models that combine all facets of comfortable reclining. They are made in Germany from high-quality materials and range from high standard to absolute handmade luxury class.